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Friday, May 27, 2011

Cause of broken home

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There are many cause of broken home or broken family which affect the behavior of the kids. Broken home is not an easy part of every children that being a victim on this particular misunderstanding between husband and wife.

I listed some of my observation that causes families of broken home. This is reality that families of the world should be avoided and makes the family happy together.

1. Miscommunication or lack of communication
* Lack of communication between husband and wife, will result to cool the relationship that must be warm and best.

2. Adultery
* This particular crimes will committed by some wives in particular. They are flirting to someone that is not their husband. They have intercourse to someone which they prefer fulfilling their hungry in sex. They never think about love but always think about lust...

3. Concubinage
* Almost all the husband, will cheated their wives with no reasons. I don't know why they want to have sex with someone other than their wives?

4. Alcoholism and Drug addictions
5. Love of money

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The basic problem which I think underlies all the things you mentioned is selfishness, or in other words, disregard for the other half of this union formed in marriage. Some still continue to think only of themselves and what they want, and forget or do not realize or refuse to accept that after marriage, they now have their husband or wife to take into consideration.

Another thing is that some couples take marriage for granted. They think it will take care of itself, and do not realize that it is something they should continually strive to maintain, nurture and defend.

And you are right, the children are the ones most adversely affected, for this will not only affect them during their childhood, but will mark them for the rest of their lives.

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