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Monday, April 11, 2011

Domestic Helper Work Abroad

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This about the jobs of Domestic Helper Abroad. It really hard to think that their works is very difficult but because of their choice of work. They even don't mind how hard it is...because they give strength by their family.

They are cleaning the house of their employer, the kitchen, comfort room, bath room and all the corners of the house.

Other's are caring babies and kids of their employers, caring of dog, and others. Some are preparing for foods and so on.

It's hard to be a Domestic Helper but they should patiently doing it. In behalf of their family and loves one. They sacrifice everything to see their family to be provided with education, shelters and foods...

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This is true not only for domestic helpers abroad, but also the local ones. Basically, they are like mothers of the house, so... salute to that! =)

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