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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Video Scandal Singapore profiles

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This video is courtesy of youtube and aljazeera.

This is a documentary files of Aljazeera, where the truth about Singapore Sex trade. There are many foreign sex workers which according to reliable source. They coming from different places like China, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Most of All Philippines...

The case of those Filipina Sex Workers is something different. There are humors that most of the Filipina Domestic Helpers are working part time as sex workers.

This maybe the reason why Singapore, government required Filipina Domestic Helpers to be check up regularly for HIV and pregnancy test...

The center of Prostitution in Singapore, Geylang
This place where foreign male pick up girls who gives short pleasure. Some of those prostitute are coming from the Philippines. They are not sex workers there but a domestic helper at day-off time. But Singaporean, government strict employer not to give domestic helpers to have a week day-off to protect them to engage in this business.

But there are domestic helper who engaging into this business even if they their off is once a month. There are some domestic helper who is pregnant not on their husband but to other guys who are being their customers. WATCH and judge them for what they did...Not blame due to lower salary of DH there...

The street meat who are always waiting for customers. Offered a short time of pleasure

They sell their self as a bargain. They are not Singaporean, but coming from different nationalities in Asia, like; Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, China, Indonesia and even India...

Prostitute fall in line along the street to sell meat and give satisfaction for those male who wish short pleasure and cheat their wives...

"preserved the values of family and love your wives better than the most precious stones on earth"

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Hello! =)

You have an interesting blog.

So far though, I have seen mostly negative stories. I wish there are some good stories too?

Looking forward to more articles! Have a nice day! =)

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